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A domestic life should be filled with substance and value. Without these two important qualities, our time at home will just be an endless cycle of boredom and meaningless squalor. Thankfully, you find these things, and even more, when you choose South Midland to be your home. With a wonderful set of amenities available for you and your loved ones, your living experience in this property will be on you won’t forget.

Running out of water or losing electricity are just two of the many scenarios homeowners dread. The loss of these two basic resources can affect your daily schedule and tasks greatly. Your home here in this property insulates you from that situation from coming true. South Midlands has an underground drainage system and complete electrical facilities to ensure a steady flow of water and power to your homes.

Keeping your family safe from any sign of criminal activity is one of the concerns we have when we find a new home. Here in South Midland, the safety of your loved ones and your belongings are assured. This is made possible with the help of dependable men and women who stand guard over this property. These security personnel and officials are all trained to monitor every entrance and exit of South Midlands to ensure no one will come to harm you. A perimeter fence is also there to secure every area of this property and keep all unwanted people out of your homes.

Spending a long weekend at home is definitely an option in South Midland. For one, there are pools made for adults and children to enjoy. These swimming pools are there for your use any day of the week should you long for a quick dip. At the same time, playing tennis or basketball doesn’t entail you to go far anymore. This property has both a tennis and basketball court within its premises. With these amenities, you can break a sweat playing your favorite sport in a moment’s notice.

Children and kids at heart will have a place of their own here in South Midland. There’s a playground specifically designed to provide a safe space for these kids to play. And since safety is a priority here in this property, you won’t need to worry about them as they play with their friends for the whole afternoon.

It’s really hard to leave an old home behind. With all of the wonderful memories created, the lifestyle we have gotten used to, and the friends we met, our old residence will surely have a strong hold on our decisions. But you with all of the amazing amenities and features South Midland has to offer you, it isn’t hard to imagine your whole family relocating here. There are so many reasons to stay here, spend your leisure time in this place, and have a safe and secure place for your family. You can be sure your house in South Midland is one that’s surrounded by great features you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Landscaped grand entrance with guard house
  • Wide concrete roads with curbs and gutters
  • Perimeter fence for security
  • Underground drainage system
  • Complete electrical facilities
  • Separate swimming pool for adults and children
  • children’s playground
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Shower rooms
  • Multipurpose clubhouse
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